custom master bathroom remodel in Portland, Oregon by Murrayhill Remodeling

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  • Simple

    Simple Bathroom


    This simple bathroom features a tile tub surround, a tile floor, and a white vanity with a black stone countertop and undermount sink.

  • Upgraded

    Upgraded Bathroom


    This upgraded bathroom features a large tile walk-in shower with a glass surround and two shower heads for an extra-comfortable shower.

  • Deluxe

    Deluxe Bathroom


    This luxurious bathroom features a decorative stand-alone tub, a large curbless tile shower with etched glass surround, and stone tile accent strips

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Common questions about Remodeling

Holla if you've got more questions and we'll do our best to answer.

  • What is a General Contractor?

    A General Contractor is someone who manages construction projects. They are responsible for completing the design and construction drawings, aquiring the correct permits with the city, scheduling and overseeing various contractors and tradesmen and making sure standard practices are followed and buildings are up to code. A General Contractor is knowledgable in all aspects of construction and has usually spent their career practicing different aspects of the construction they manage.

  • How much does a remodel cost?

    Every house is unique just like every person is unique. This means that every alteration you can make to a house will be unique to that house and the person it's being built for. A remodel can be a sizable investment so it's important to understand not only where the money is going, but how much value you're getting in return. Our favorite tool for discussing price before finalizing design decisions is the Cost vs. Value Report. In it you will find an assortment of various remodeling actual remodeling projects completed in your area, how much of an investment it took to bring them about, and what the resale value was. This is as close to an actual figure you can get without going through the lengthy process of creating a design and building a project. The Cost vs. Value Report is the place to start when trying to get an idea of what kind of remodel makes sense for you.

  • Is remodeling going to wreck my house?

    It is our aim to keep disruption at a minimum. Temporary plastic walls keep the dust contained and an Air Jet air purifying system cleans the air. We cover your floors and move any furniture and appliances that need to be moved and cover it. By the end of the project it is our goal that you won't be able to tell there has been any construction, besides the new remodel of course.

  • What is the most important quality to look for in a General Contractor?

    There are a lot of contractors out there and many of them are qualified to work on your home. Besides checking to make sure their license is current and they carry adequate insurance it's important that you trust them and feel good about working with them. The people you hire will be in and out of your house working on the place you likely spend most of your time. It's important to trust your gut when choosing your General Contractor. Once you find a good one you will likely use them for future projects. Always check references and do a thorough investigation into prospective contractors. If you do it right you will only have to do it once. If you discover reasons why not to hire them then you very well may have saved yourself a lot of pain and suffering.

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