Bright remodeled entry way with beautiful hardwood floors and crown molding accenting the elegant staircase.

Remodel Contractor in Portland, Oregon

Thank You For The Kind Words

  • "Patrick was a true partner… he accommodated us every step of the way- our family and daily schedules; changes of plans; any concerns and the challenges that are inevitable in such a large project."

    Bill and Toija Beautler
    East Portland
  • “The project was done efficiently, beautifully, and on time. I have to pinch myself every day that these smart, talented, and very nice people have given me the home of my dreams.”

    Ruth Culham
  • “We always came home to a clean house! We have recommended Murrayhill Remodeling to family and friends and will continue to do so with confidence!”

    Joel and Peggy DePuy
  • “I choose Murrayhill because Patrick Richardson promised me that he would do the right things the right way- and he honored his promise. I intend to continue using Murrayhill Remodeling in the future.”

    Warren Ferguson
  • “ I have recommended Patrick to friends and family and they all have used Patrick and said he was the best. We would and have recommended Murrayhill Remodeling Co. to anyone.”

    John and Kathy Naro
  • Small

    Single Room

    Smaller projects such as an office or a master bedroom can be done quickly and efficiently when properly organized and executed. Spend your energy picking finishes and furniture and leave the dirty work to us.

  • Medium

    Multiple Rooms

    Whether your finishing a basement or adding an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU), a General Contractor can make sure the it's done right, protecting your investment and increasing the value of your property.

    Multiple Rooms

    Whether your finishing a basement or adding an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU), a General Contractor can make sure the it's done right, protecting your investment and increasing the value of your property.

  • Large

    Whole House Renovations

    So you've decided this is where you want to live. Now it's time to make it the home of your dreams. Enlist the help of our design-build team to help you explore all of your options before building the ones that fit you best.

Simple Streamlined

We make remodeling easy for you. All you have to do is tell us your ideas and we'll take it from there.


Precise scheduling leaves you knowing exactly what is happening every day. Progress reports keep you abreast of any changes.

Quality People,
Quality Results

Master craftsman with good attitudes build the best spaces. We guarantee a positive experience for all of our clients.

Common questions about Remodeling

  • What is a General Contractor?

    A General Contractor is someone who manages construction projects that require many different trades or specialties. They are responsible for completing the design and construction drawings, aquiring the correct permits with the city, scheduling and overseeing various contractors and tradesmen and making sure standard practices are followed and buildings are up to code. A General Contractor is knowledgable in all aspects of construction and has usually spent their career practicing different aspects of the construction they manage.

  • How much does a remodel cost?

    Every house is unique just like every person is unique. This means that every alteration you can make to a house will be unique to that house and the person it's being built for. A remodel can be a sizable investment so it's important to understand not only where the money is going, but how much value you're getting in return. Our favorite tool for discussing price before finalizing design decisions is the Cost vs. Value Report. In it you will find an assortment of various remodeling actual remodeling projects completed in your area, how much of an investment it took to bring them about, and what the resale value was. This is as close to an actual figure you can get without going through the lengthy process of creating a design and building a project. The Cost vs. Value Report is the place to start when trying to get an idea of what kind of remodel makes sense for you.

  • How long does a remodel take?

    Duration of a remodel totally depends on the scope of the work being done. A small laundry room remodel can be done in 2-3 weeks while a whole house renovation or addition can take many months. If we take a look at your home and understand what you're wanting to do we can give you an estimate of the time it will take to complete.

  • Will price change during the project?

    Once we sign the contract, the price will not change unexpectedly. We take the time during the planning phase to collect bids from each subcontractor that will be working on the project so that when you sign the contract, you will know exactly what is being invested and where. If for some reason our price is too low, we will not ask for more money. We take full responsibility for the price we give you at the time of signing the contract. The only time the price will change is if you decide to change the scope of work during construction. This triggers a change-order that will be agreed to and signed by both involved parties.

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